English Springer Spaniels
phone 706 671 3756
All our puppies come with a health guarantee, and shot record,                  AKC or CKC Registration        
       Delivery free up to 50 miles

   and to place a deposit to hold the puppy of your choice 
We use Pay Pal for Deposits we have  puppy's     dam millie     sire  remington                         born 4/24/21  well be ready   6/24/21
go to PayPal.com send $200.00 dollar deposit    to  bgar646957@aol.com                are  click on  buy this button for a $200.00.deposit   {deposit is non refundable if you change your mind }   miss Barbara had stroke   thank ever body for there prayers    31 years she has been raising springers it is the only breed she has ever raised
she loves her springers

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 send $200 deposit to  bgar646957@aol.com  are you click buy this for $200.00 deposit                         
puppys born 4 /24/2021 will be ready 6/24/2021 sire remington dam millie   we get 11 puppies       
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we feed 
please leave e-mail to be on list for a puppy      bgar646957@aol.com
remington    sire
millie  dam
3 black and white girls      2 black and white boys      4 liver and white girls              2  liver and white boys
sold to hector girl # 1 liver and white $1500.00
 sold to berwell girl # 2 liver and white $ 1200.00
sold to craig girl # 3 liver  and white $ 1200.00
 sold to michelle girl # 4 liver and white $ 1200.00
 sold to marne girl # 5 black and white $1200.00
sold to ben girl #6 black and white $1200.00
 sold to shari girl #7 black and white $1200.00
 sold to marne boy # 1 liver  and white $ 1500.00
sold to lisa boy # 2 liver and white $ 1500.00
sold to licia boy # 3 black and  white $1200.00
sold to jim boy # 4 black and white $1200.00
will pick up on 6-29-2021
will pick up on 6-26-21
pick up on 6-24-2021
pick up 6-24-2021 in the morning 
will pick up on 6-21-21 will call if he has to bale hay time 1 oclock 
pick up 6-24-21
pick up 6-24-21
go to airport sunday 6-20-21 going to california
will pick up 6-25-21 around 7 pm